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500-Series-BoxesFor many years the way to change to power steering was to use a 605 power steering box conversion. This consisted of taking an old 1955-56-57 steering box and combine it with a 605 steering box, found in a mid to late 1980's midsize GM. This conversion was prone to leaks and flexing when cornering. Quality for the conversion depended on how good the 5-6-7 donor was. Try to find a good 5-6-7 steering box now.

Thanks to Classic Performance Products for developing a completely new power steering box for the 1955-56-57's. This box is a close ratio, all one piece construction and bolt in design.

When installing an updated power steering box in your 5-6-7 it is highly recommended to also install tubular upper control arms. The control arms give you 5° positive caster which is needed for better road handling. Stock control arms will not give enough adjustment to achieve this.


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