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To remove the old box you will need a pitman arm puller.  The original pitman arm will be reused.  The steering column shaft is one piece on the original box. If you are using the the stock column the shaft will have to be cut as close as possible at the box.  A hacksaw or cut-off wheel works well, once this is done it is easier to drop the old box.

When installing the new steering box centering the amount of turns is important.  The new CPP Box is approximately 3 1/4 turns lock to lock.  Center will be about 1 3/4 turns.  If you do not line this up the splines on the pitman arm will not line up.

If you are using a stock column that has been cut from the stock steering box, a rag joint will have to be used to connect this, and it can take a lot of time. I find the best way to convert the steering is to use an after market column, such as an Ididit column or a Flamming River colum. A rag jount will also be needed.

The advantage of using an after market column is that everything is new and it will have tilt (if ordered) and 4-way flashers.  A support will have to be added to the column at the firewall.


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